Thursday, 13 November 2014

Love Returns

Heya Lovelies!!! Happy Thursday

This outfit post is just another self-proclamation of being a Crazy-Cat-Lady.

This little gorgeous kitty charm is the first ever bag charm that I had owned after my first kitty came into my life. Named this charm after her "Laaila".

They say that cats are not as expressive and friendly as a dog, if at all we have to compare the both as pets. I am an animal lover, so I would not compare, but this statement just came into my mind when yesterday Laaila (my darling) had done something which was totally unexpected. She is a mother of two and is very compassionate when it comes to little baby's cries ( be it anything - human babies, animal babies). If she happens to hear any "baby-cry" she will try to find out whom and where is it coming from and try to find and fix the problem. We have noticed this when we were either watching a movie or watching any videos. On the contrary, cats are supposed to be hunters, but Laaila cannot even kill a lizard. Such a gentle soul she is. What happened yesterday- my husband and I were just pulling each others leg. He was bullying me for fun and I was just pretending to cry. I know, crazy and childish moments right?! That is when the magic happened. Laaila heard me cry. Poor thing, she thought I was actually crying. She came to me, touched me with her paw, looked at me with those curious loving eyes, asking me whether or not I was fine, why was I crying? She then gave my hubby a dirty angry look and sat back staring at us. We tried the same trick again in front of her and she would again react the same. I mean can you imagine? All her life I have treated her like my baby and today she has become so loving, so caring and so sensible that she treats me like her baby too.  Laaila and my hubby are the bffs, loves each other a lot, as they have lived together more than my hubby and I did. I used to live in a different country for work. I liked how she tried to scold her bff (the culprit) like a mother, when she thought it was appropriate to. She expressed herself effortlessly and naturally. We hugged her and confirmed to her that everything was fine and that, we were just playing around. Only when she saw and understood, she left us alone to go back to her own world.
When I said she is compassionate and gentle, at the same time, she acts very pricey and royal or rather have a "touch-me-not " kinda personality. She does not express a lot in general. So it was a pleasant shock and sweet surprise for us when Laaila had acted the way she did. We love her to bits and now we know she loves us back. The biggest thing is, it is unconditional from both the sides.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this little story today. I hope you liked knowing a little more about Laaila as much as we did.
Until next time.....keep it stylish .......keep it functional.

Shoes - Forever21
Dress - Bangkok
Bag - Mango
Charm - Kualalumpur
Necklace -
On My Lips - Sephora Hot Tango
On My Nails - O.P.I

P.S - I did a no-heat-curl-hair in this look. If you would like to know how I did, let me know through the comments. I would be more than happy to share it with you guys.