Friday, 28 November 2014

Summer to Fall/Winter Part III - Knitted Textures

Happy Friday!!

How have you been guys!! This is the last post in this series of Summer to Fall/Winter outfit post. From now on I will be doing regular styling posts and also am thinking about adding more beauty related posts. I have been trying my hands on editing videos these days so that I can do video posts as well, mostly in the Beauty section.

For today's outfit post I took out this set of Matching-Separates, a skirt and a crop-top. The set in itself has a monochromatic theme with those white daisies. I am sure by now you must be able to tell I am a sucker for Dresses, Skirts and Black. Even though I love wearing colours, unintentionally and unknowingly I always end up buying and wearing Black in any form.

Now to work on the Summer to Fall/Winter idea, a flushed pink Jumper came into my rescue with a pair of knee-high socks along with a pair of knee-high boots. Those gave me enough warmth but to deal with my colour craving I added this bright orange Snood for a pop of colour. I was quite happy how this transformation turned out to be. Would really love to know how did you guys like this outfit through your comments and feedback.
I will be more than happy if you can share tips on how to edit videos as I mentioned earlier. My operating system is Windows 8 and am currently using Wondershare Video Editor. Thank you so much you guys for stopping by...... until next time, keep it stylish......keep it functional.
Lots of love

Boots - Steve Madden
Socks,Snood & Matching Separates - H&M
Jumper - Lifestyle
Necklace - Forever21
Ear rings - Mawijewelry for Koovs
On My Lips - M.A.C Kinda Sexy
On My Nails Revlon Moon Candy220

Friday, 21 November 2014

Summer to Fall/Winter Part II - Mixed Patterns

Happy Friday!

How are you gorgeous people. Continuing my Summer to Fall/Winter outfit post series, today I curated a summer and a winter staple from my wardrobe to create this look.

Mixing pattern has been my latest obsession while creating an outfit. It's so much fun, but it can be risky as well if we don't do it right. A few tips that I keep in mind while doing so

1. Stay in the same colour family, or try to connect both the the pieces with one common colour. As in this outfit, I had chosen pink as the base colour which you can see in the floral print of the dress. The overcoat has light pink undertone as the base colour.

2. Break the Patterns a little by adding some solid detail to the outfit. It may be accessories, shoes anything, but the key is keep everything else simple.

3. Unless it is a matching co-ordinate outfit, avoid mixing the same pattern from head to toe. For example stripes from head to toe, or a polka dot dress to polka dot shoes and accessories. Probably a striped shirt with a solid coloured pants/skirt and shoes paired with a striped bag without clashing colours of the stripes of the shirt, would be a smart idea to achieve the mixed pattern look. However mixing different scale of the stripes is also a good idea.

4. The patterns that you choose to mix should not compete with each other. For example in my outfit I had chosen bigger cheetah prints as compared to the size of the floral prints in the dress. Keep the number of patterns to a minimum of two, one being a little understated than the other.

5. Mixing a pattern with a different texture of cloth is also a great idea for mixed pattern look. For example a plaid shirt with a leather pant paired with a fur vest/jacket looks chic as well as bold and well put together.

6. For a casual yet cute look go subtle while mixing patterns. For example a leopard print shoes paired with a solid coloured outfit and a striped bag is a great idea.

Hope my my Pattern Mixing mantras are useful for you.

Until next time keep it stylish....keep it functional.


Boots - Charles & Keith
Knee high Socks - H&M
Stockings - Primark
Dress - Cotton On
Coat - Primark
Necklace - Forever 21
Ear Hoops/Rings - Kualalumpur
Aviators - Burberry
On My Lips - M.A.C Nicki Minaj Viva Glam

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Summer to Fall/Winter Part I - Layering

Hello Monday!!

Kolkata is now getting colder everyday these days. Even though I like winters more than summer, I am still in that phase where I kind of cant let go of my summer clothes. Hence I am trying to find out ways to fit them into the Fall / Winter wardrobe. From this post onward I will be doing a series of transitioning some Summer clothes to Fall/ Winter Looks.

For today's look I am wearing a dress, a cardigan and a scarf. Lets break this look down. I started with this very comfy black summer jersey dress. Threw this green, quarter sleeved light cardigan and pulled out my woollen scarf with olive green coloured details on it. I added this chunky brown belt to distinguish my structure and help me not loose my frame in all of these layering. It also helped me to add more details to my dress with a hint of feminine touch mainatining an hour glass figure.

Hope you liked this outfit idea and stay tuned for more transitional ideas. Until next time..keep it stylish .......keep it functional.

lots of love

Shoes - Bershka
Dress - Bangkok
Cardigan - Primark
Scarf - Lajpat Nagar market Delhi
Belt - Sao Paulo
Bag - H&M
On My Lips - Bourjois Rouge Edition Pretty Prune
On My Nails - Bourjois

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Love Returns

Heya Lovelies!!! Happy Thursday

This outfit post is just another self-proclamation of being a Crazy-Cat-Lady.

This little gorgeous kitty charm is the first ever bag charm that I had owned after my first kitty came into my life. Named this charm after her "Laaila".

They say that cats are not as expressive and friendly as a dog, if at all we have to compare the both as pets. I am an animal lover, so I would not compare, but this statement just came into my mind when yesterday Laaila (my darling) had done something which was totally unexpected. She is a mother of two and is very compassionate when it comes to little baby's cries ( be it anything - human babies, animal babies). If she happens to hear any "baby-cry" she will try to find out whom and where is it coming from and try to find and fix the problem. We have noticed this when we were either watching a movie or watching any videos. On the contrary, cats are supposed to be hunters, but Laaila cannot even kill a lizard. Such a gentle soul she is. What happened yesterday- my husband and I were just pulling each others leg. He was bullying me for fun and I was just pretending to cry. I know, crazy and childish moments right?! That is when the magic happened. Laaila heard me cry. Poor thing, she thought I was actually crying. She came to me, touched me with her paw, looked at me with those curious loving eyes, asking me whether or not I was fine, why was I crying? She then gave my hubby a dirty angry look and sat back staring at us. We tried the same trick again in front of her and she would again react the same. I mean can you imagine? All her life I have treated her like my baby and today she has become so loving, so caring and so sensible that she treats me like her baby too.  Laaila and my hubby are the bffs, loves each other a lot, as they have lived together more than my hubby and I did. I used to live in a different country for work. I liked how she tried to scold her bff (the culprit) like a mother, when she thought it was appropriate to. She expressed herself effortlessly and naturally. We hugged her and confirmed to her that everything was fine and that, we were just playing around. Only when she saw and understood, she left us alone to go back to her own world.
When I said she is compassionate and gentle, at the same time, she acts very pricey and royal or rather have a "touch-me-not " kinda personality. She does not express a lot in general. So it was a pleasant shock and sweet surprise for us when Laaila had acted the way she did. We love her to bits and now we know she loves us back. The biggest thing is, it is unconditional from both the sides.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this little story today. I hope you liked knowing a little more about Laaila as much as we did.
Until next time.....keep it stylish .......keep it functional.

Shoes - Forever21
Dress - Bangkok
Bag - Mango
Charm - Kualalumpur
Necklace -
On My Lips - Sephora Hot Tango
On My Nails - O.P.I

P.S - I did a no-heat-curl-hair in this look. If you would like to know how I did, let me know through the comments. I would be more than happy to share it with you guys.

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Shirt Dress

 Hello Lovelies!!

Black is Black.....A Hit Single by the legendary Band Los Bravos. (Click here to Listen). This song takes me back to the times when my parents were young and used to enjoy and dance with us on this along with all other classic pieces.
Black as a colour, if I may presume, is a  favourite colour for most of the Ladies out there right? Even though I love wearing Colours, black will remain as a favourite colour in my entire life.
I found this Black Shirt Dress in one of the online stores and immediately fell in love with it. First of all, because of the colour ofcourse ;), second of all, because of the pattern of the dress. The ruffled short standing-collar already adds elegance to it. The pin-tucked details at the back gives a better fit to the otherwise flowy number, as well as gives a little more detail to the complete black dress. The asymmetrical hemline, being the usp of the dress, finally convinced me to add this beauty to my wardrobe. For a petite frame like me, an asymmetrical hemline is very flattering. It helps to make the legs look more longer and hence gives an illusion of a taller frame.
This dress is so comfortable, simple yet so chic on its own, that I am sure I will wear it more often in the coming season. I think it will look great if I add a leather jacket or a cardigan or a coat with stockings or tights and boots or even ankle booties.
I will be more than happy, if you would like to share how would you like to style this dress by leaving a comment below.
Thank you so much for reading this post...until next time..keep it sylish...keep it functional.

Shoes - Zara
Dress -
Pear choker - Rosabelle treasures
Aviators - Burberry
Clutch - Melbourne High Street
On My Lips - M.A.C Creme De La Femme
On My Nails - O.P.I Big Red Apple
Watch - Fossil.