Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hail 2015

Happy Wednesday!! the last Wednesday  and the last Day of 2014!

How are your preparations for the NYE coming along friends? Wish you all have a blast this New Year's Eve and embrace the New Year with lot of love, laughs, dreams, happiness and warmth.

I am looking forward to 2015 with a lot of hope and enthusiasm. More than hopes, I am more determined and motivated to accomplish what I have been visualizing. 2014 was a quite a bumpy ride. Had left my full time well paid job. Remained jobless. Had been through many mental ups and downs. Have seen some sides of me which I never thought I had. Learnt many new things. Nonetheless I take everything positively, coz after all, life is all about learning everyday, right? 
Started blogging as a hobby without even knowing how to go about it and now that I have started, I love it. In these four months of blogging I have learnt a lot and am still learning. At the same time my blog received a lot of love and appreciation from all you beautiful angels. I can't thank you enough for all the love and patience with which you have read, appreciated and supported me along with my new journey. Really means a lot. Now before I get too emotional and make this post a text heavy one, let me wind up here with humbled gratitude.

For today's post I am wearing yet another creation of mine. Oh am so happy how it came out!!  We all are so familiar with these flared midi skirts which are such trend setters. I decided to try my hands on sewing one myself. To my surprise, when i finished sewing it in about 90 minutes, it really fitted me like a dream at just the first go without any flaws visually. I may not be right technically but that's for another time to introspect.

Not wasting any more time and wishing you all a very very Happy New Year..
Until Next Year....keep it stylish......keep it functional...
Lots of love

Shoes - Dorothy Perkins via
Skirt - DIY (yeaahhh)
Crop Top - Garrage
Jacket - Zara
Necklace - Sarojini Nagar Delhi(street shop)
Rings - Forever21

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Ethnicity Tag

Happy Weekend !!

Today's post is a very special one for me. I am emotionally and ethnically rooted to the things that am going to talk about today and had been wanting to do this since a very long time. As I have mentioned about my ethnicity earlier, this post is going to be focused on two very important aspects of Assamese Culture. One being the Traditional Assamese Jewellery and the other Muga Silk of Assam.

The making of Assamese Jewellery with pure gold dates hundreds of centuries. This Jewellery is typically handmade with designs depicting the natural flora and fauna of the region. These Jewelleries are mostly encrusted with vibrant coloured gemstones or Mina work which looks great with the traditional attire of Assam, the Mekhela Chador.

Today for this post I am wearing Four different types of jewellery. Two in the first look and two in the second look. In this look, the first one is known as Luka Paro (the pigeon shape). As the name suggests it is inspired by pigeons. Here, we can see it is a pendant having the design of two pigeons sitting back to back, as if they are hiding from each other. Hence the name Luka(hiding) Paro(pigeon). This pendant is then attached to a string of gold beads. According to prefference it can also be attached with colourful beads.
Similarly the second pendant, Joonbiri, is also attached to a string of gold beads. "Joonbiri" meaning the design of the Moon (Joon). I am also wearing the matching ring and ear rings from the respective sets of the jewellery.

Now let us talk about Muga Silk. This Golden Silk is not only a unique silk endemic to Assam, but also a symbol of Assamese Culture and a part of Traditional attire of the region. Muga silk is one of three variant of silks produced in the state. Paat Silk, which looks like regular silk, is used to make Mekhela Chador and Saares in various colours, and also Kurtas for both men and women. Endi Silk, which is a Warm Silk, is used in making shawls and quilts and last but not the least Muga Silk, used exactly like Paat Silk. The speciality of Muga Silk is its bright golden colour. It is superior to any other silk available worldwide in every respect and is much more durable. It can be washed and surprisingly, the golden colour and brightness of this silk enhances after every wash. Even after washing, it remains so durable that it generally outlives the wearer. Supposedly, it is one of the costliest Silks in the world.

Muga Silk is one of my favourite silks and being an Assamese, I do have the Traditional Muga silk Mekhela Chador as per norms. As we know, when it comes to Traditional Attires we can't really wear them everyday. Hence I wanted Muga Silk in a form in my wardrobe which I can incorporate in my everyday wears. To find a way out, I decided to design a blazer myself from a piece of plain Muga Cloth that I had. Finally, when my Muga Blazer was ready, I was convinced enough that I can pair this with nearly anything I wear, and almost all the colours that I like. I must admit it is one of the most gorgeous and classy piece of cloth that I own. I would love to know how did you like this Muga Blazer through your valuable comments.

 I like mixing and matching, experimenting, and fusioning with traditional and contemporary accents in my outfits. So for the first look today I tried to keep the ethnic essence present, but in a contemporary way. I would also like to mention that I DIY'd this Tulle Skirt.

                                                   The Luka Paro Ear Ring.

For the Second look, I replaced my Muga Blazer with this Pleather jacket to go with the Dug Dugi Pendant that am wearing attached with the black beads along with the matching ear ring. Dug Dugi is a design inspired from a leaf. This Dug Dugi is the most precious jewellery that I own. The reason being, I inherited this from my Mother. She gave this to me in my wedding and am very sure I will keep it safe to pass it on to my future daughter or daughter-in-law as a future heirloom.Now that I have mentioned #fututreheirloom, I would also like to contribute this story to Lovegold to be shared with their stories.
The other one is known as Pepa, a design inspired from a musical instrument. The Musical Instrument Pepa is nothing but a Buffalo's horn, mostly played with folk music Bihu. 

                                                               The Pepa Ear Rings.

I hope you liked this post and enjoyed reading about Assamese Jwellery and Muga Silk.
Thank you for stopping by and until next time......keep it stylish....keep it functional
Lots of Love

Shoes - Forever21
Skirt - DIY
Muga Blazer - Self Designed
Pleather Jacket - Sheinside
Jwellery - Custom made
On My Lips - Lakme Pink Passion
On My Nails - O.P.I Midnight in Moscow

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pleather Weather Part II

Happy Tuesday!!

How was your weekend guys? Today I will be continuing this post from last saturday's on how to style a pleather legging in five different ways. In the last post I had posted two looks and in this part there will be three looks. Hope you liked the previous ones.

Look# 3

For this look I paired my leggings with a teal coloured jumper. Teal is a colour created by mixing blue and green on a white base. Hence decided to put on a scarf that has blue accents on a white base added with yellow tassels. The base colours of teal in the scarf and the teal itself compliments each other, while the yellow tassels brightens up the whole outfit paired with the black pleather leggings, black boots and a nude coloured clutch (neutral colours). This outfit is perfect for a brunch or a lunch.

Boots - Steve Madden
Leggings - Sheinside
Jumper - Lifestyle stores
Scarf - Zara
Clutch - Shopnineteen
On My Lips - M.A.C Relentlessly Red
On My Nails - Models Own Strawberry Tart

Look# 4

For the fourth look I just removed the Black Pleather Biker Jacket from the first look and added this batwing cardigan from the second look. It is really amazing how we can transform looks by just swapping an outerwear. From a Biker Chic look, this cardigan helped me to acheive a Glam Chic look for an evening out or a Girl's Night Out. I kept the whole look neutral with a pop of colour with my Red lips.

Boots - Charles & Keith
Leggings - Sheinside
Top - Faballey
Cardigan - Closetdiaries
Clutch - Shopnineteen 
On My Lips - M.A.C Relentlessly Red

Look# 5

For the last look I decided to go the "Everyday Girly Look". Here I just worked on the upper part of my outfit. Instead of the top and the cardigan here I am wearing the same Flushed Pink Jumper worn here with a woven textured dark Teal Blazer. Also added a black Beanie to keep me extra warm. Changed the clutch to a multicoloured clutch with flush pink base so as to keep it connected with the jumper. The jumper has a round neckline and I have a round face. Hence to lengthen my face and neck I added this long chain with an animal print pendant.

Boots - Charles & Keith
Leggings - Sheinside
Jumper - Lifestyle stores
Beanie & Blazer - Zara
Clutch - Primark

Would really like to know how did you like the five looks with the same leggings and which one is your most favourite one.

Until next time keep it stylish.....keep it functional
Lots of love