Tuesday 10 October 2017

A Day with Nature

Hey Lovely People,

How is Fall treating you guys? I am totally enjoying this Fall as I do enjoy every season and all that beauty and adventure that comes with change of Seasons. I think Seasons are the only constant change that unfolds many mysteries of Nature and its beauty in abundance.
For my job as a Cabin Attendant, I have definitely been to a lot of destinations but there are a few places that I have actually travelled to. To me travelling in itself is a learning experience. An experience that teaches me that this world is bigger than I have ever imagined, Nature is prettier than any artist could have ever painted or any photographer could have ever captured, and meeting people, may be fellow travelers or locals, teaches about different cultures, different people in general. Being with different people, learning their way of life, being like locals in whichever place I go sums up a journey to a true travelling experience.
One such travel that I recently did out of my busy and hectic schedule was to Prague. Prague in itself is a very beautiful city that still has it's old World Charm. My goal was to enjoy the Scenic Beauty that the European countryside has to offer as well as the beautiful City of Prague. My only limitation was time which was just three full days. Started my journey from Doha to Vienna on a flight of 5 hours. From Vienna I started off to Prague on a bus in the afternoon which took 4 hours of drive. This journey was a real treat to my eyes. In an hour of drive we entered Czech borders and drove through the countryside and Czech villages. The experience was unreal and beautiful. A train journey would also take 4 hours from Vienna to Prague, but I was unsure of the opportunity of enjoying the scenic beauty or the glimpse of countryside villages along the journey.
Reached Prague at around 7 in the evening and headed towards my little apartment that I booked for two nights. I love the idea of living in an apartment anywhere I go, just to feel at home like a local. An air bnb or homestays are also great ideas for the same.
Went out for a quick dinner as I wanted to rest well for the next day's itinerary as that was the highlight of my entire travel. It was a hiking trip to Bohemian Switzerland one of the four National Parks of Czech Republic.

Pravcicka Brana

Following morning I started my day at 8 am when my tour group came to pick me up at my apartment. It was a small group of eight people including the tour leader. The drive was of two hours from Prague to the National Park where our plan was to hike the entire trail up untill we reached a height higher than the epitome of the National Park, Pravcicka Brana. This is a natural sandstone arch formation covering a span of 26.5mtr and 21mtr height, and is the highest of its kind in Europe.
The Hike was steep, fun and beautiful. Spectacular specially beacuse of the season where leaves change colours and makes the entire experience even more worthy and colourful. It took us almost an hour of hike to reach the top. Enroute we came across many beautiful Sandstone hills and gorgeous Pine trees which is what most of this area comprises of. The tour leader Vladka and her younger sister Victoria, who is only 9 years old, told us that its very common for the locals to come in the weekend for a hike around this area. Also, as local to the national park Victoria and many local kids like her comes here in the monsoons to fetch edible Mushrooms. It's a competition for the kids to bring in the most amount of Mushroom and be a winner. That's just amazing how the kids at that age knows the woods and the types of mushroom so well. I could see Victoria hoping around in the woods and have fun as if she did in her own backyard. As for me, as much as I enjoyed the whole day, I actually had sore calf muscles the next day.

Our Mini Van

Pravcicka Brana

Nevertheless, on reaching the top of our hiking trail, the feeling was out of this world. We had the famous Pravcicka Gate infront of us standing still with all it's glory. We were little under the weather as it started raining occassionally but that didnot dampen our spirits. We still did make it to the top.
From that point, if we keep Pravcicka to our left, on our right lies the German borders and the German Woods. The entire view was just breathtaking. A view that I will live with.

German Side

We came back down using the Gabriela's trail and stopped for lunch at one of the traditional restaurants inside the park. I ordered a portion of Pork shoulder with sour cabbage and dumpling. That not only sounded like a German dish but also tasted exactly the same. On asking, Vladka, she said that the Czech and the Germans almost shared a similar Kitchen. Food was good, the local beer was amazing.
Post lunch, we set off for our next adventure i;e hiking through the next trail along a small river Kamenice, where the famous movie Chronicles of Narnia was shot in winters.

Kamenice River

We walked into small sandstone tunnels along the river, crossed a couple of tiny bridges and saw trees covered with green mosses almost making the forest even more greener to compliment the colourful autumn leaves. It was just magical. I am now forever smitten by that view. This hike lasted for almost half an hour post which we took a dinghy(small boat) ride on the river. This ride took twenty minutes approximately. There were sandstone walls on the either side of the river. The guide showed us various formations on the rock wall that possibly resembled to things like the face of an E.T, an elephant head, a dragon and three sisters with their grandmother. They had actually named those sisters and the grandmother, I believe they have a story around them as well.

Face of E.T

Showed us an emergency waterfall that starts flowing from one of the walls onto the river upon pulling a chord that is connected to the other side of the wall. That was an amazing boat ride.
It was just another 5 mins walk once we got off from our boats to hop on in the minivan that we came from Prague back to our nests. In approximatley 2 hours I reached my apartment, bid goodbye to my fellow hikers and Vladka and sumed up my adventure for the day.
To conclude, it was one of a kind of adventure trip that I did and enjoyed throughly. Now I appreciate nature even more than I ever did. My mind and my heart is even more fresh from breathing that fresh air in the woods and beautiful after witnessing all of Nature's Beauty.
The next day I explored Prague and got a flight back to Doha at night.
Hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much as I did penning it down.
A Restaurant

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Basic Ideas

Hey Friends

How have you been? I have definitely missed coming over here and seeing you guys and sharing my outfit journeys all this while. This is my most favourite space to be around. However, I am oh so challenged to be more active here without my trusted and the best photographer hubby to document my photographs, and hence, this missing out in action. As you guys may know, now that we live in two different countries for work, it's only a priviledge that I can get my shoots done by him. Hence lost my motivation and support in this sphere. Although I did really longed to be back here everyday, all this while, it became quite a challenge to keep this place alive all on my own. My apologies for that. I am trying to work with my tripod again and will surely get back on it now on.

Nevertheless I was and I am still more active in Instagram with posts from my travels and work and my daily life. If you had beared my MIA and kept up with my posts there, then I am so humbled and grateful to you for all your love and support. You guys are my absolute Gems.

With time I am sure we evolve with our style and choices and so did I. Nowadays I find myself gravitating more towards minimalist choices with a hint of casual vibes in it. Hence I am totally drawn towards my basics again in my cupboard which I like to team with something minimalist statement to form my outfits. Here I styled my White basic T-shirt in three different outfits with just about changing a little elements here and there.

Hope you like these outfits and as I always say....Keep it Stylish .....Keep it functional.


Saturday 23 July 2016

Dream Wild Moonchild

 Hi My Beautiful People!!

Summers, Pastels, Comfort and Off-Shoulders/ Cold Shoulders/ Bandeau are all we are talking about this season. The Off the Shoulder trend has become so big this season that I am sure it has nearly made it to almost each one of our's wardrobe as a Staple. If you have been stalking my Instagram Feed,(where i am the most active these days) you will surely know what I am talking about. Have been collecting a lot of it in different variants and colours, be it a top, a crop top, a shirt dress or a just a dress. I cannot emphasize enough how comfortable it is to wear and beat this summer like a boss and yet look chic, sassy, edgy, classy and all thing stylish and glamorous. Totally swear by this trend.

 Envisioning an off the shoulder dress that is comfortable and dreamy at the same time gives me chill just for the fact that I am so obsessed with the trend. The moment I found this Blush Pink Dress that has white lace details around the silhouettes, it was like a dream come true moment. The easy breezy cotton fabric, the subtle pink colour and the flare just added the right amount of innocence to this dress that it became my ultimate "Deamy Dress".

Here is how I styled my Dreamy Dress for a day trip into the wilderness of a Sanctuary with two of my friends who cast a magic spell to document my day trip.

It was an absolute fun Day Trip.

I hope you guys liked this little documentary.
With a promise to see you soon......keep it stylish.....keep it functional
Lots of Love

Dress - Stalkbuylove
Gladiators - Koovs

Special note of Thank You to the amazing Photographer Friends

Nishchay Shinde and Arpita for the amazing photographs.

Please check their Instagram feed for their fabulous work.

Friday 8 April 2016

Urban Gypsy

Hi my lovely friends,

Today's post is all about my take on a gypsy soul which inhibits in me. 
I do not belong to one place, I do not confine myself to be ruled by certain norms. Having said that I do not declare that I am a complete rebel. This is just the little Moonchild that grew within me, a part of me...

Outfit Details 

Shoes - Koovs.Com
Skirt - h&m 
Shirt - Primark 
Shades - Forever21
Arms Candy - In association with Blinglane

Stay stylish, stay functional, be yourself

Thursday 31 December 2015

Last OOTD of 2015

Hi My Beautiful People!!

With this last OOTD of this year, here is wishing you all a very happy New Year. This year was awesome and so great. Thank you all for all the love and support you have shown for my little space here. I am so grateful to you and I am so humbled for where my blog stands today. Without your love and support it would not have been possible at all. So here is my heartfelt gratitude. I wish the New Year brings in lots of happiness, success, joy and a better life to all of us. I love you all and thank you for staying with me.

As the weather has been so kind these days in Doha, it is a real treat to go out and just enjoy the sun by the beaches, to go the park or just take a walk by the Corniche. Today I went with my girls to Katara Cultural Village for a casual hangout followed by Dinner and some nice Tea by the sea side. This place is one of the major tourist attractions as well as a nice hangout for us residing here. There are the choicest of restaurants serving all kind of Mediterranean Cuisine, bakery, small tea shops and snack shops. Basically it is a complete retreat and a great experience to have out of our busy lives.

For today's Casual Evening Out I decided to wear something that would keep me warm and nice and something that is also a little edgy and stylish and comfortable at the same time. Paired my black leggings with a classic white shirt and layered the shirt with a high neck asymmetrical hemline sweater. Threw in the leather jacket on top of it to keep me even more warmer in the breezy chilly winter evening. To complete the outfit donned my most favourite pair of Boots with those killer pencil heels and accessorized with a choker and my faux furr clutch that I got from Christmas sales this year.  

Hope you liked this last OOTD of the year 2015 and thank you so much for stopping by today.
With a promise to see you real soon with more OOTDs and travel stories in the new year, here is wishing you a Very Very Happy New Year again. As always stay stylish, stay functional.
Love You All

Boots - Charles And Keith
Leggings - Zara
Shirt - Primark
High neck - Cotton On
Leather Jacket - Shein
Sunnies - Aldo
Clutch - Mango