Friday, 30 January 2015

This is How We Do!!

Happy Friday!!

Hi my lovely people out there!!
As I mentioned earlier, my days have now become a little more busier than before. Still learning to manage and juggle my time between work, shoots, editing and writing posts. I miss not being able to frequently update my blogpost. Earlier I used to post like 5 to 7 times a month , but it's only my second post this year. However I will resume my blogpost as frequently as I used to do earlier once everything falls in place in another month's time. As for now, my working hours are a little odd here with just a day off on the Fridays. I really salute my fellow bloggers who work full time and are so regular with their posts.

The idea of doing an indoor shoot is new to me and I felt like experimenting. Was the outcome good? Frankly I am not convinced, but nevertheless the bff photographer Foram and I had a ball doing this shoot. I have known her for the past eight years now. She is one of my biggest support system here. We decided to shoot this at her place in my most favorite corner of the room. This post is all about what we "The Fashion Enthusiast" girls end up doing in a sleepover at each others place. The beautiful colour blocked dress that I am wearing here with the golden bellies are all courtesy Foram. What appealed to me the most about this dress is the colour combination of royal blue and bright yellow that screamed Spring which is just around the corner. Can't wait enough for Spring to arrive with all those colours and magic in the air, coz Spring reminds me of those vibrant pretty flowers, reminds me of Cuckoos singing in my garden, reminds me of Music and Cheerfulness all around and reminds me of the pleasant gift of nature after the harsh winters. This Spring I also intend to revisit Paris as they say it's the best time to be there.

By the end of the shoot I was so smitten by the idea of welcoming the next season that I wanted a spring element in everything I was wearing. I tried her vibrant bright neckpiece from Zara which I think went really well with the dress and my mood.
So this is basically how we girls like to have quality, productive, leisure time by trying out numbers from each others wardrobe and by styling outfits.

Hope you liked my theme based outfit this time. Last but not the least thank you so much for stopping by and reading it..... Until next time...keep it stylish...Keep it functional.

Bellerinas - Mango
Dress - Singapore highstreet
Golden Cuff and Neckpiece - Primark
Multicoloured Neckpiece - Zara
Clutch - Paprika

Thursday, 15 January 2015

New Begining

 Happy Friday!!

How are you doing this new year? I missed you all a lot in all this while when I was MIA from blogging.

This is my first post of this year and I know I am too late at posting one. I really apologize for not being able to do so for the past two weeks. If you follow me on instagram I had mentioned about my rejoining my job and all the changes it had brought in my life. Moved out of my country and still settling down in a foreign land. This place is not new to me but it takes a little while to readjust after you have come out of your comfort zone and away from your most loved ones. Nevertheless am happy and active again, and am sure will start appearing more often than the last two weeks. Thank you all for your great support, love and patience. I seriously cannot ask anything else than your support in walking this journey "Progressive Panache" along with me.

Today's outfit is my take on a Sporty Chic look. Hope you like this look.

Thank you so much for stopping by and showing love to Progressive Panache. To conclude today's post I just want to pour my heart out and tell you how much I love you and appreciate for being with me. Thank you so much!!

Lots of Love

Shoes - Romwe
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins via Jabong
Bomber Jacket & Crop Top -
Aviators - Burberry