Saturday, 29 August 2015

We Love Our Tan

 Hi Friends,
How have you been? I come back to you today with this post, yet another Collaboration but a different one. In few of my previous posts I have mentioned about this Pretty Lady my Blogger friend Yuden @ _theblessedwardrobe. We have worked together with each other for a few of our previous posts, but always offscreen. So this time,with immense pleasure, here I introduce to you the Gorgeous, Chic and Sassy Yudenla from 

The weather here in Doha is crazy these days. The ever so rising heat and humidity has had it's trail on us. Guess what !!......We got Tanned!!!


It is always so much fun to be around this girl. Her looks, her sense of humour and her sense of style, killer combination right? We had our moments while shooting this post which you must have already figured out from the pictures. We had been planning for a collab since a very long time now with different ideas and outfits, but somehow it never worked ofcourse because of our very busy and crazy schedules. So this time when we both had a day off from work, we just decided to come out without even planning our outfits or ideas and see what we can come up with. I think that worked. We both loved each others outfit and we  really complimented each other as we had our fall staples out from our closets already. Basically we had Fall in our minds.

I love her Camel Suede Pants(her fall staple) with the black tank top finished with a leopard print pair of heels and silver jewelries. Her styling game was on point. She looked uber chic and effortless.

I decided to wear my all time favourite bright yellow oversized cardigan(my fall staple) paired with a checkered print pencil skirt, a pair of nude pumps, a statement neck-piece and a striped messenger bag - my current obsession that I found in Korea in my recent visit.

We had a great time working for this post together on screen and hope you liked it too. For more pictures and her write up please head on to her blog at and you may also follow her instagram handle at _theblessedwardrobe for more updates on her outfits and impeccable style.

with lots of love ...until next time keep it stylish...keep it functional


Yuden's Outfit

My outfit
Skirt and Cardigan - Zara
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Roem
Neckpiece - Sammy Dress

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Heyya Friends!!

How have you been guys?? If you have closely followed me on my social media handles or my previous blogs, you must have known how much I love to travel. Love travelling to the extent that I chose to Travel for a living. What I have learnt from all these years of travel is that, there is a lot lot more to learn from this world, as the experiences and adventures are the best teachers one can have.
Here I would love to encourage all you guys who wants to travel to please go ahead and start travelling, be it any place your own state, your country or any other country. My point is travelling doesn't really mean just going around the world, but to explore even the place that you live. Get the bikes or bicycles out of your garage and just start exploring places and people nearby. Get your train, plane or bus tickets booked and just get going. Coz This world is a whole bunch of experience and travelling is life changing. Start working hard and save every penny you can, so you can travel when you are young and ready to accept challenges. From my experiences the most I can say is that I found myself with my travels and I bet there is a whole lot to explore every single day of my life. The treasure of knowing and loving people from different places, different cultures, different languages is the richest treasure one can have which you can only acquire by travelling.  As St. Augustine has said, I truly believe that "To Travel is To Live".

Today's Blogpost features my journey in blogging in collaboration with VesaIndia. We have worked together before and here we come together once again with their new collection. As I have mentioned earlier they believe in making contemporary outfits with traditional fabrics, click here  and here to read. I have always loved the simplicity of their designs that are trendy and comfortable at the same time, and super easy to style and rock. Featuring today this pair of, much in trend, Black Velvet touch Culottes. The fabric is very comfortable to wear in all kinds of season. The Box Pleat design also gives more room for it to flare at the right place while giving a nice shape and accentuate your waist to bring out those curves. Can be worn for a formal look as I did in today's post, and also can be worn for casual looks by pairing it with tees and flats. For a more Indian Fusion kinda look try pairing it with a singlet or a Crop Top and a pair of nice and colorful Mojris. You can visit their website here and Instagram page here to have a look at their new collection. Ordering and shipment is also very easy and straight forward and they guarantees you quick delivery at your doorstep.

As much as I love my travels, blogging is also one of my passions and would love to go a long way with you guys and learn and reach new goals along with you. Keep loving this going-to-be a year old journey in blogging and help flip a new page everyday from my blog journal.

To conclude today's post I would love to write this quote by an unknown author,
"Wanderlust : an Irresistible Desire to Travel to Understand one's very Existence"

Thank you so much for stopping by today .....
Until next time as I say....keep it stylish......keep it functional
Lots & Lots of Love

Heels : River Island
Culottes: VesaIndia
Top : Koovs
Bag : Primark
Frames : Prada
Ear rings : Aldo