Friday, 10 October 2014

Red Alert

"Beauty to me is being comfortable in your own skin. That or a kick-Ass Red Lipstick" - Gwyneth Paltrow.

Hey beautiful people, today let us talk about that Red Lipstick. We all love those gorgeous Classic Red Lips but at times, some of us are a little hesitant to rock it on. Trust me, a pair of Red Lips looks amazing on everyone irrespective of skin tone and on any outfit that you are wearing or probably any time of the day. With just a simple winged eyeliner paired with Red lipstick can give you an effortless-chic and classy look at the same time. It is a real go-to formula when you are in doubt, or hurry, or just not in the mood to apply those layer of colours to your look. Everybody can pull it off like its your own Lip Colour. But as we know, everyone has got a different skin tone, there is a shade of Red for everyone. What shade looks good on my friend may not look good on me. So the question is, how do we determine which shade of Red suits us, and how do we find it out? We can get professional help to find that out but well, it is pretty simple, and we can do it right at home. There are a few steps that I know and would like to share with you.

1.Hold your wrist under natural sunlight and try to figure out what colour your veins look like. If they look greenish then you have a warm skin tone. If they look bluish then you have a cool skin tone.

2.Wash your face with a good face wash and pat-dry. Wait for about 15 minutes for the skin to come back to its natural state. Under natural sunlight and neutral coloured clothing, stand in front of a mirror and hold a blank white sheet of paper to your face. If it looks yellow or golden then you have a warm skin tone, if it looks pinkish you have a cool skin tone.

3.Try wearing a golden jwellery and a silver jwellery one at a time and figure out which one compliments your skin tone the best. If it is the golden one then you are a warm tone and if it is the silver one then you are a cool tone. You will just get to know if the silver doesn't suit you, your skin will look pale and tired. Which means you are a warm toned and the vice-versa.

Sometimes it may so happen, that you are not able to decide what tone you are. For example if you are doing the vein-colour test and you don't see greenish or bluish colour, chances are you may see a kind of purplish colour of your vein. Or if you find that both silver and golden jwellery suits you, then you are one of those lucky ones who have a neutral skin tone. A neutral skin tone can literally pull of any shade of Red or any shade of any colour for that matter.

Now once we have decided what skin tone we are, it is time for us to know what shade of Red goes with it. There are Reds that has a yellow or orange undertone to it and Reds that have pinkish or bluish(technically) undertone to it. Orange undertone Reds generally have bright Coral and orange tones and basically has a warmer feel to it. Whereas the bluish undertoned Reds are the more deeper shades of red. Even Plums fall into this category. For warm skin tones, Reds with the orange undertones matches perfectly, and for cooler skin tones the bluish undertone ones matches.

Few of my favourites M.A.C lipsticks in both the under tones are-

Warm :-

1. Lady Danger (bright coral orange). I wore it here

2. Chilli (brownish orange red)

3. Dangerous (orange red)

Cool :-

1. Ruby Woo (vivid blue red), I wore it here

2. Relentlessly Red (Bright pinkish coral). I wore it here

3. Russian Red (Intense bluish red)

As I said earlier the lucky ones with neutral skin tone can however wear any shade that they really like. However the most important and best way to find out your shade of red is to swatch each and every red either on your hands or even better on your lips. But if you are too hygiene conscious like me then i may suggest you carry your own lip brush, clean the demo lipsticks with a tissue paper before you try, then use the brush for your lip swatches.

These are just a few examples of lipsticks I have personally used. There are many other shades of red in M.A.C as well as lots of other brands with numerous shades of red. So if u want to give this colour a break this festive season, its time to rush to the nearest place, find your own shade and paint the town RED. I assure there is a shade for everyone.

I hope this information is useful to you and thank you for reading.
Until next time keep it stylish and keep it functional....

It is not a sponsored post.
Photographs downloaded from the Internet.

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