Monday, 6 October 2014

Fall Official

Hoodies, Hot Chocolate, Jeans, Boots, Crisp Air, Cuddling and Flushed Cheeks...I am ready for Autumn.

I can relate so much to each and every word in the quote above that I can tell u stories coming out of each them. Stories that have Nostalgia in it. I am not sure if it happens to everyone, but I can smell those falling dry leaves in the Crisp Air of Autumn. Even though I don't live in my parents house for the past twelve years now, I can still see my father gathering those dry leaves in the fall mornings that had fallen from our trees and burn them, bidding them Goodbye and thanking them for the past season. This has been the greatest significance of Fall in my life. Every season fades away in time but the memories they carry along, remain forever and becomes a part of you. 

Nevertheless, let's embrace this lovely season with lots of Warmth, Fall Trends and Fashion. I love wearing Ankle Booties and Boots. But just that the weather is still little warmer, I thought of going flowy with my clothes and hence paired my black Ankle booties with this super comfy Maxi skirt in grey colour and an over-sized relaxed-fit black satin embossed Boxy-Crop Top. To maintain that Monochrome I went for black accessories to complete the look. Deep darker colours are really appropriate in this season and hence popped a wine coloured lipstick on to rock the finished look.

As the fall evenings gets little pleasant, I like to grab my Cup of Joe with my significant other(brewed by him), sit on the terrace, cuddle up and talk our hearts out.

Thank You for stopping by and reading my little Fall Official story. Hope you liked it and wish to see you back again on this page.

Signing off for today and until the next time keep it Stylish....keep it Functional.

Boots and Bag - Charles & Keith.
Skirt & Top -
Accessories - My Travel Souvenirs.
Sunnies -
On My Lips - M.A.C Rebel