Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Basic Ideas

Hey Friends

How have you been? I have definitely missed coming over here and seeing you guys and sharing my outfit journeys all this while. This is my most favourite space to be around. However, I am oh so challenged to be more active here without my trusted and the best photographer hubby to document my photographs, and hence, this missing out in action. As you guys may know, now that we live in two different countries for work, it's only a priviledge that I can get my shoots done by him. Hence lost my motivation and support in this sphere. Although I did really longed to be back here everyday, all this while, it became quite a challenge to keep this place alive all on my own. My apologies for that. I am trying to work with my tripod again and will surely get back on it now on.

Nevertheless I was and I am still more active in Instagram with posts from my travels and work and my daily life. If you had beared my MIA and kept up with my posts there, then I am so humbled and grateful to you for all your love and support. You guys are my absolute Gems.

With time I am sure we evolve with our style and choices and so did I. Nowadays I find myself gravitating more towards minimalist choices with a hint of casual vibes in it. Hence I am totally drawn towards my basics again in my cupboard which I like to team with something minimalist statement to form my outfits. Here I styled my White basic T-shirt in three different outfits with just about changing a little elements here and there.

Hope you like these outfits and as I always say....Keep it Stylish .....Keep it functional.


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