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I welcome you all to be with me in my new journey of documenting my personal style as a Fashion Blogger. While speaking of fashion i don't believe in  following Fashion blindly. As it is so well said that "Fashion is what is offered four times a year, Style is what you pick out of that Fashion".
I believe once you know how to style yourself and what suits your personality, you will embrace a fashion with your style, and let the world know who you are, even without having to say it by yourself.
I used to be a Flight Attendent for seven years of my life, used to fly to different cities of the world, only to find out, that this world is such a beautiful place to be in. Amongst all things beautiful, in and around us, let us try to nourish and nurture our personal styles to make this world a even more beautiful space. We all have a style in us, we just need to identify it and present it with charm, grace, poise and finnesse. I get inspired by the aesthetics of anything I possibly come across. I still love travelling, a big time foodie, love to dance and sing, and most importantly love being in my own wonderland. I would love to keep dreaming and put them in action to share with you through this platform named "ProgressivePanache". I hope you will appreciate and like my journey and support me with your feedback, suggestions and lots and lots of love.

Thank You for Visiting
Anie Phukan

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